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No More Running from your Calendar



When you decide to become an entrepreneur or business owner, your time is of the essence. When it comes to your business, you must have a good system for organizing your schedule. As an entrepreneur myself I realized from the beginning systems are a must. I use a number of systems to keep my business organized, they allow me to be as productive as possible each day.

  • Do you feel overcome with anxiety when you look at the number of tasks you have at any given time during the week?
  • Do you find yourself letting the day past you by without any real progress?
  • Are you constantly having to work late or on weekends?
  • Do you feel like you should be able to be more efficient with your time?

Scheduling is a very important and major key when it come to your business

Whether you are just starting out I am sure you answered yes to a few of these questions. No worries, there is definitely room for development when it comes to organizing your schedule. Of course, your business is your pride and joy, you’re willing to work hours in efforts to see it blossom. However, if you reach the end of the week and feel nothing has been accomplished, you may feel defeated. The purpose of organizing your schedule is to be able to have a balance between working and your life.

I have come across many executives who do not know how to simplify their schedule. They allow their schedule to pile up without taking the time to see what can be done first and prioritize. Nowadays, you probably receiving multiple emails, conference call request, one on ones that you have no clue when is what. It is tempting to let your scheduling slide in order to deal with what seem like “Urgent”. In all reality. Some of these task can be put to the side and handle at a designated time of the day. The easiest way to stick to a schedule is to have a calendar. Technology has given us the opportunity and options in which we can sync our calendars between your devices so you can update your schedule from anywhere and receive alerts.

Know Yourself

We each have our own cycles how we best work, when we do work best, and how we like to do work. So let me ask you are you a morning person? what time of the day do you find yourself energized to get work done? Do you like to stay up late to work and enjoy the day time for relaxation? Another key to scheduling is knowing how you function, building a schedule should include blocking out time that adjust to your lifestyle and cycles. The moments in which you find you have the most energy handle all your big task. It helps to group similar tasks together, so there are fewer abrupt changes in the type of work you’re doing.  Remember you know yourself best and planning and organizing accordingly can help you not only relax, but tackle important things with greater focus.

Getting Help!!

Let’s say you’re really busy and find that there is task such as emailing, responding to calls, setting up meetings with clients and colleagues is draining the life out of you (hey it happens). Here’s a tip, you might want to consider partnering with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can manage those emails, prepare documentation, and update your calendar accordingly. If you let your virtual assistant know the ins and outs of how and when you like to do certain tasks, they can build your calendar the way it works for you. You are now giving the work to someone who enjoys doing the task you find mundane, allowing you to free up your time. Virtual Assistants are well versed with different tools that can help run your business smoothly.

When you prioritize your time and become more organized you will be amazed with your results!

It’s never too late to get your schedule under control, and you’ll be well relaxed and productive when working.




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